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At 100 mph, you can't hear the clock in the new Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. That's because the clock doesn't tick. But you can't hear much of anything else, either, apart from the rustle of wind around the A-pillars. It might be the sportiest Rolls-Royce ever -- faster than a Porsche Boxsterto 60 mph and boasting a myriad of detail changes to suspension, steering, and transmission tune designed to sharpen its responses -- but the Phantom Coupe is first and foremost a luxury .

The Phantom Coupe perhaps not quite as sybaritic as its near-identical convertible sibling, the Phantom Drophead Coupe, though the distinction is a fine one. This is still, after all, a $400,000 two-door that's about an inch shorter and narrower than a Chevy Suburban, yet barely has enough room in the back for a couple of adults. Coupes don't come much more personal. And it screams me! me! me! without the showy strut of the convertible: If the Drophead is Donald Trump, the Coupe is the Duke of Westminster.

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